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Stellenbosch University
Economics and Finance
#Patient #Friendly #Enthusiastic

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● Characteristic/Personality
I am patient and an easy going tutor. I believe that we can only learn through making mistakes and this is the most important part of learning when it comes to a foreign language so we should be Patient with ourselves. That being said, I am also very friendly and enthusiastic because I do want to help you reach your English speaking goals as soon as possible.

● To StarKindle Students
Students can expect a friendly and positive teacher who tries to make the class as interactive as possible. I try to encourage students to try even when it is hard so that we can see where we need to improve and what we need to focus on. I try to make the class fun and bring in fun topics to discuss where possible.

● Tutor Experience
I have half a year’s experience teaching English online to both children and adults. I have experience teaching daily conversational English, business English and preparing for interviews. I also have over one year's experience working in Finance which has helped me teach business/professional.