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University of Baltimore
Corporate Communication
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▶ Characteristic/Personality
I have a vibrant and cheerful personality, always radiating happiness and enthusiasm. Your love for helping others is evident in your eagerness to teach English,
which brings you immense joy. People around you are drawn to your positive energy and your excitement is infectious, making every interaction with you a delightful and enriching experience.

▶ To 맛집영어 students
Students who enroll in my class can expect a comprehensive and enriching English learning experience.
As their tutor, I’ll provide patience and kind guidance, ensuring they feel comfortable and supported throughout their journey.
They can look forward to not only improving their English skills but also receiving constructive feedback that will help them grow.
My expertise and teaching style will foster a nurturing environment where students can set and achieve their language learning goals, ultimately gaining confidence and proficiency in English.

▶ Tutor’s experience
1 Year of Teaching Experience
6 years with working with college students and adults on resume coaching/career help guidance.