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The University of Alabama at Birmingham
B.S. Accounting, MBA
#flexible #gentle #warm

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▶ Characteristic/personality
I am a flexible teacher who can respond to different personalities and learning styles in order to find a way that helps you learn.

▶ To 맛집영어 students
I aim to increase my students’ confidence through making a personal connection with them and gently correcting their mistakes.I have lived in Vietnam since 2014, so I know how difficult it is to learn a new language and how easily it is to get discouraged. I hope to make you as comfortable as possible so that you can relax and enjoy your learning experience. I will use our class time efficiently to help you gain the skills you need to communicate confidently and effectively.

▶ Tutor’s experience
I have 7 years of teaching experience and almost 5 years of online teaching experience. I earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and an MBA. Prior to becoming a teacher, I also worked as an accountant for a large company.