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University of Kwazulu Natal
Bechelor of Arts (English Literature)
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▶ Characteristic/Personality
I have been a professional ESL Tutor for 12 years, with a wealth of diverse teaching experience, having taught English / Subjects and Business English to many different students from several countries, all comprising of different ages with varied language learning abilities and needs. In addition, I am patient, knowledgeable and my lessons are well planned and structured, so would be an ideal fit for you and your language learning needs, whatever they may be.

▶ To 맛집영어 students
For younger and older students alike: You can expect my classes to be focused, fun and entertaining, as well as very current or up to date with current learning trends and techniques. In my classes there is real focus on getting you to practice, speak and utilize the concepts which you have learned and get you to be able to clearly express yourself in real-life day to situations, whether they be for work, school or travel.

▶ Tutor’s experience
I graduated with a BA honors in English Literature, I am well experienced in teaching grammar and have excellent business acumen , having taught in many well-renowned companies and schools in many countries. I have worked and taught well online and in schools for all ages of children too, from younger learners in primary school through to teenage learners requiring test/exam preparation in order for them to go and live/study abroad.