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Psychology and Communication Science
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▶ Characteristic/personality
My name is Kiara Rooplall, I am a passionate English tutor with the firm belief that education is the key to success! I am patient, understanding and am always ready to help. I am a people person and would love to help you to navigate through your English journey and enable you to fall in love with the English language just as I have!

▶ To 맛집영어 students
The key to learning is having fun while doing so! My classes aim to provide a learning environment that will both educate you, as well as to ensure that you have fun while doing so to maximise the absorption of content and invoke a desire to learn. I am versatile, flexible and accommodating so I am able to adjust to various teaching methods that work best for you. Your feedback is always valued. Soon you will be an English pro!

▶ Tutor’s experience
I major in psychology and communication science therefore I have many skills such as how to be understanding, patient and helpful in polite and effective ways. I have experience in working with children specifically, as I conducted numerous informal tutoring sessions in my high school career. I have previously worked in administrative job roles however my passion has always been teaching!