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City College of New York
Art History
#Creative #Witty #Adventurous

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▶ Characteristic/personality
My name is Rich and I'm an English tutor. I hail from New York. My strength as a teacher is bridging the language barrier between myself and my students through non-verbal communication.

▶ To 맛집영어 students
I welcome my students to my dynamic classroom where they can improve on their pronunciation and their overall conversational skills. My goals for my students are to build their confidence in their oral skill and to provide an enjoyable experience for students through lively conversations and humor.

▶ Tutor’s experience
I have taught English for 3 years including my online ESL position where I taught students based in China. In addition, I have worked in a wide array of industries such as retail and tech startup. With a Bachelor's degree in Art History, I studied at City College of New York.