맛집영어 영어수강 영어교재 이미지

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Useful Sentence
맛집영어 온라인 화상영어 교재 구분 이미지

How to negotiate your salary

How to negotiate your salary

  • 맛집영어 영어수강 영어교재 이미지
  • Most of us think that we deserve higher salaries than what we currently make. Knowing how to negotiate the salary is an important skill for either applying for a new job or looking for a salary increase at the current job. You may dare to ask for more money but companies are actually competing with each other to hire candidates with the perfect skill set by offering higher salaries.
    To ask for a salary increase, you can start out by doing some research on how much people in similar roles at other companies are being paid. This will help you to get an understanding of the job market and how competitive it is. It will put you in a stronger position when negotiating your salary. Before negotiating your salary, it is better to come up with examples to support why you deserve a raise. Think about your work achievements and any skills that will benefit you.
    Yet, salary may be just one of the elements of compensation packages. Other benefits may include things such as working from home, bonuses, holidays, and company discounts. In some circumstances, these benefits may provide more stable working environment than slightly higher salaries so make sure to consider them all.

Vocabulary Corner

deserve currently negotiate either A or B salary increase dare compete with each other candidate research competitive come up with support achievement benefit element compensation include circumstance stable slightly consider
맛집영어 온라인 화상영어 단어 voca 아이콘

단어를 선택해주세요.

~을 받을 자격이 있다
A 또는 B 둘 중에 하나
감히 ~하다, ~할 엄두를 내다
서로 경쟁하다
경쟁력 있는

Discussion Questions
수업 시간에 꼭 다루는 질문들이에요.

  • 1.

    Is your salary high and competitive enough for a disposable income? Are you saving for a "rainy day?"
  • 2.

    What kinds of bonus/benefit does your company offer? If you had a chance, how would you change your benefits package?
  • 3.

    Do you think your salary is the most important factor in work satisfaction? Besides your income, what do you like most about your work/workplace/colleagues?
  • 4.

    Does your current job provide room for growth in your career?
  • 5.

    Have you ever negotiated a salary increase? What are some ways you can negotiate a salary increase with your hiring manager?
  • 6.

    Do you recall your first job? Were you satisfied with the salary? Was your first job memorable or were you very dissatisfied with it? Why did you quit your first job?
competitive disposable income saving for a rainy day benefits package factor satisfaction besides room for growth negotiate recall be satisfied with memorable be dissatisfied with

단어를 선택해주세요.

맛집영어 온라인 화상영어 단어 voca 아이콘
경쟁력 있는
가처분소득(개인 소득에서 세금 등을 공제 후 소비와 저축에 사용할 수 있는 총 금액)
만일의 경우에 대비해서 돈을 저축하다
성장 가능성
기억해 내다
~에 만족하다
기억할 만한, 잊지못할
~에 만족하지 못하다
Sample Sentences
  • Is the salary negotiable?
    연봉 협상이 가능한가요?
  • What is your desired annual salary?
    당신의 희망 연봉은 얼마입니까?
  • What salary do you think would be appropriate?
    얼마정도가 적당하다고 생각하시나요?
  • I want a raise.
    인상하고 싶습니다.
  • Do you mind if I ask what the average is?
    평균치를 여쭤봐도 될까요?
  • What salary are you expecting?
    얼마 정도를 생각하고 계시나요?
  • In my opinion, I deserve more than that.
    개인적인 의견으로는, 그것보다 더 많이 받을 자격이 있다고 생각합니다.
  • The bottom line is that we cannot offer higher number.
    핵심은 저희는 더 큰 숫자를 오퍼 할 수 없다는 것입니다.
  • When do we get a raise?
    저희 언제 월급 인상되나요?
  • You will get a raise this month.
    이번달에 급여가 인상 될 예정입니다.
  • I got a 3% raise.
    저는 3% 월급 인상 되었어요.
  • When is your payment day?
    당신의 월급날은 언제 인가요?
  • I get paid on the 25th.
    저는 25일에 월급을 받습니다.
  • My salary is much better than before.
    월급이 전보다 많이 좋아졌어요.
  • I used to get paid around 50 million won annually.
    저는 이전에 5천만원 정도의 연봉을 받았어요.
  • I am hoping to start at around 4 million won annually.
    저는 연봉 4천만원 정도에서 시작하고 싶습니다.
  • Enclosed is my resume and salary history.
    제 이력서와 연봉경력을 동봉합니다.
  • People are happy when the day the eagle flies comes.
    사람들은 월급날이 되면 행복해져요.
  • What is the welfare benefits/benefits packages?
    복지혜택이 어떻게 되나요?
  • How many days of vacation do I have?
    휴가는 얼마나 쓸 수 있나요?
  • I wish I could make as much as our manager.
    우리 부장님 만큼 돈을 벌면 얼마나 좋을까?
  • After taking out this and that, all that's left of my salary is peanuts.
    이것저것 제하고 나면 월급은 쥐꼬리만큼 남아요.
  • I spend very little money for myself and most of it for my family.
    저를 위해서는 거의 돈을 안 쓰고, 대부분 가족을 위해 씁니다.
  • There would be no money in the bank before my next payday.
    다음 월급날 전에는 은행에 돈이 하나도 없을꺼에요.
  • How fast my paycheck disappears!
    월급은 통장을 스칠 뿐!
deserve ~을 받을 자격이 있다
currently 현재
negotiate 협상하다
either A or B A 또는 B 둘 중에 하나
salary increase 급여인상
dare 감히 ~하다, ~할 엄두를 내다
compete with each other 서로 경쟁하다
candidate 지원자
research 조사
competitive 경쟁력 있는
come up with 떠올리다
support 지지하다
achievement 성과
benefit 유익하다
element 요소
compensation 보상
include 포함하다
circumstance 상황
stable 안정적인
slightly 약간
consider 고려하다
competitive 경쟁력 있는
disposable income 가처분소득(개인 소득에서 세금 등을 공제 후 소비와 저축에 사용할 수 있는 총 금액)
saving for a rainy day 만일의 경우에 대비해서 돈을 저축하다
benefits package 복리후생제도
factor 요인,요소
satisfaction 만족
besides ~외에
room for growth 성장 가능성
negotiate 협상하다
recall 기억해 내다
be satisfied with ~에 만족하다
memorable 기억할 만한, 잊지못할
be dissatisfied with ~에 만족하지 못하다