Wei Jin

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University Tunku Abdul Rahman
English Education
#kind #understanding #knowledgeable

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▶ Characteristics/Personality
I would describe myself as a positive and easy-going person. I always present myself with a kind and warm smile to the people around me. I also have great compassion and love for the English Language. I also show a lot of patience and understanding towards the students I teach.

▶To 맛집영어 Students
In my lessons, you can expect a motivational and encouraging learning environment. Everyone has their own pace in learning a new language. Some students learn in a quick manner while some need more time. That is the normal part of learning. My end goal as a tutor is to help students develop their fluency and confidence in the English Language.

▶ Tutor Experience
I studied English Education at my university. I also went through a five-month internship as a full-time English teacher at a local secondary school. In most of my classes, I like to play games with the students while I teach. In the past few years, I have helped out in a lot of English camps as a facilitator and game master.