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The University of Nottingham
Bachelor of Science with Honours in Biomedical Science
#FunLearning #LoveEnglish #Positivity

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▶ Characteristic/Personality

Hope you are doing well. I am an English tutor from Malaysia. My students adore me because I have a warm and helpful disposition. I enjoy imparting my English expertise to the students and assisting them in improving and excelling in their English. I encourage students to speak more English during classroom time, even if they are still at a beginner level. I am always there to correct them and feed confidence within the students to speak up more boldly and openly.

▶ To StarKindle Students

Dear sweethearts, not all teachers are strict. Students can anticipate having a great day learning and having fun. Besides teaching lessons, I do play games that are connected to the lesson as a review before ending the classes. The best study atmosphere is one that is enjoyable, and students may find that in my classroom! Besides that, I am always open and love to help and guide students with their studies, homework, and presentations.

▶ Tutor Experience

I have had some lovely and wonderful experiences of teaching students of varying ages and levels. I enjoy teaching both children and adults! I have a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. Despite the fact that science and research are my majors, I have a great deal of love and interest in teaching.

Thank you so much for reading my profile and I hope you enjoyed it!