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University Teknologi Malaysia
Bachelor of Mathemitical Sciences
#Starkindle Camp Teacher #Succeed #fun_Teaching #enthusiastic

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[Starkindle Camp Teacher]

▶ Characteristic/Personality
I am an English tutor who is very cheerful and loves children. I enjoy teaching kids because I want them to gain a lot of knowledge so they can grow up to be a successful adult. I believe that learning English can open many doors for the future of the children. I am also understanding and supportive. I feel delighted when my students are happy.

▶ To 맛집영어 students
In my class, students will find it relaxing and fun. They can expect a good learning experience with a lot of activities such as drawing and storytelling. I aim to implement effective teaching with the best materials and to improve my student’s confidence. I also always make sure to be fair and friendly so that you can overcome any challenges with strength.

▶ Tutor’s experience
I have experience with teaching English to students from certain levels and ages. I assisted elementary children with teaching at Kumon. I have a degree in Mathematics and an independent level for Malaysian University English Test (MUET). English is my second language and I often use it in daily life. I am very happy that it has become my responsibility to share it with students.

Thank you so much for reading about me and I hope you choose me as your tutor!