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University of New South Wales (Australia)
Bachelor of Commerce
#Starkindle Camp Teacher # Engaging #Humorous #Lively

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[Starkindle Camp Teacher]

▶ Characteristic/Personality
I am a pragmatic and quick thinking teacher, with abundant life force. I am very involved in each lesson to ensure my students leave the classes having gained the knowledge they come to seek. I am friendly and very approachable. I engage with my students freely without compromising on the respect they have in me as a teacher. I am totally committed to my teaching profession and I am always well prepared for lessons.

▶ To 맛집영어 students
Students coming to my classes can expect fun and interactive learning, where they will definitely improve their speaking and writing skills. I am a big advocator of good two-way communication. My students are usually comfortable discussing wide ranging lesson related topics as well as other associated topics they might have. I treat my students like my own children.

▶ Tutor’s experience
I have five years of teaching experiences in First Language English. I have taught students studying for the Cambridge IGCSE exams, the Singapore Ordinary Level exams, the Singapore Primary School Leaving Exams and the Malaysian SPM exams. In addition, I have assisted students in securing the necessary grades in the IELTS exams to further their studies in U.K. I am capable of teaching other Cambridge humanity subjects in Economy, Business Studies and Accounting. I can conduct both virtual and physical classroom teachings.